Public Service ICT Strategy


We live in a rapidly changing world. Shifts in technology together with shifts in people's expectations for Government services require new approaches to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Public Service.

I welcome this Public Service ICT Strategy, which sets out how the Public Service can meet these expectations. Building on the successful delivery of many existing services, the Strategy sets out how we can operate in a more efficient, shared and integrated manner across all of Government while delivering new and innovative digital services to citizens and businesses.

The Strategy identifies 5 key objectives aimed at providing a framework for technology innovation and excellence in the Public Service. The focus is on better sharing and integration of technology infrastructure; continued and improved digitisation of government services to citizens; facilitating lawful sharing of data; improving governance; and improving the ICT resource levels and skillsets across the Public Service.

The potential for improvements through the innovative use of technology is significant. Implementation will require a transformational programme of change, not just technological but administrative and cultural also. When implemented, the Strategy will deliver an enhanced quality of service as well as social and economic benefits.

This Public Service ICT Strategy was prepared by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) in my Department in conjunction with the Public Service CIO Council. I wish to express my appreciation for their efforts and I look forward to seeing the positive outcomes as the Strategy is implemented.

Brendan Howlin TD
Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform

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