Public Service ICT Strategy


This Strategy sets out to build the ICT foundations that will deliver the government services into the future. It is specifically aligned with the objectives of the Public Service Reform Plan and the goals of the Civil Service Renewal Plan. It aims to provide a framework for the delivery of greater efficiencies in Public Service ICT delivery and administration, with better outcomes for citizens, businesses and public servants.

The Strategy is based on a high level analysis of current ICT services across a range of Public Bodies, analysis of international best practices for the use of ICT within Governments and consultation with the Public Service CIO Council.
Leveraging the Reform Dividend to fund technology improvements, invest in the Public Service workforce and realise internal process efficiencies will deliver efficiencies and better outcomes for Citizens, Businesses and Public Servants.
If implemented correctly, the Strategy will create a new model for ICT delivery within Public Bodies and across the Public Service; delivering more efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery with better outcomes for citizens, businesses and public servants through a more integrated, shared and digital environment.

Next Steps

  • A comprehensive analysis of ICT expenditure and headcount as well as a base-lining exercise is being undertaken in order to support the implementation of the Strategy.
  • On completion of this detailed analysis, the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) will be further developed and business cases for investment in the various strategic initiatives will be prepared. This step is also necessary to identify the resources available to be reinvested in other elements of the Strategy as part of the Reform Dividend.
  • The resources and funding required for the delivery of the SIP in the longer term (beyond 2015) will be built into the budget cycle for the relevant Public Bodies from 2016 onwards.
  • Given the scale of the challenge and the diversity of the Public Service it is envisaged that the programme would be broken in to a number of defined phases targeting specific ICT areas within specific Public Bodies and on an interdepartmental basis.
  • The Strategy provides a 5-year horizon for delivering better outcomes and efficiency through innovation and excellence in ICT but given the ever-changing nature of ICT, the Strategy will be reviewed for currency and updated accordingly on an annual basis.
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